Trey ratcliff, London Photo walk

A photo walk and workshop in London with a highly respected artist is something not to be missed.

Trey Ratcliff, you know, the HDR (High Dynamic Range for non photographers out there) wizard who has three hundred and fifty thousand followers on Facebook and one hundred and thirtynine thousand followers on Instagram. Yeh, that guy.  Well, he came to London this weekend on his #80Stays tour, and hosted a free photo walk in Hyde Park and a Becoming an Artist Workshop. I was fortunate to attend and it was fantastic ( I wasn’t paid for this post)

Trey Ratcliff
Trey Ratcliff

The photo walk was in Hyde Park and Trey was like the Pied Piper of Hamelin. As he led 200 or so  people that were hanging on to every word. Trey explained  what he would do to make an image. Questions from all levels were raised and encouraged such as what is the best camera, what lens, what fstop and whether to use auto white balance or not, were all discussed.  You could seen participants soaking up Trey’s wise words and mimicking his actions to make their own masterpieces.

Trey ratcliff, London Photo walk
The crowd look on as Trey shares his knowledge

It was the workshop the following day, where I learnt the most. Having ran photography workshops myself, I love the learning experience. I try and put myself in situations whereby I am not the smartest person in the room (this seems to happen often haha) and this was perfect. In front of me, was a Master artist who was here to tell me (and some others) what he does to be successful and how he does it.

Trey was very open to sharing his knowledge and encourages the most random questions. He is not phased by anything and will tell you what you want to know. Photographers can be a very secretive bunch, but here was the guy who photographs the world and includes  Mark Zuckerberg (the Facebook guy) as one of his collectors, sharing his editing and workflow methods to help others become better photographers and artists.

I scribbled notes down and learnt more about the software that I currently use and about some new software too, which I will implement in my workflow soon. The main thing I grasped was to experiment further. Be the artist and just go with it.

The question “Does it matter to Trey, how many likes a picture gets on the, forever changing circus algorithm of social media ” came up. Trey is not really worried about the likes and dislikes and suggested the same to the group. It is easy to say that, with as many followers as he has, but even he finds that not every image goes down well. The internet can be a fickle place and there are people out there with particular opinions, but who cares what others think. If you create something, and you like it, then that is great, share it with others and then make something else. You are the artist.   One image will always do better than another and who defines the owner of a negative comment as a connoisseur anyways, it is just one persons opinion.

Just go with it, was key to this workshop. Sometimes things look good and sometimes they don’t. Just experiment, and if  it looks good to you, then go with it.

I  pride myself on making art and images that others want to see,  but  this workshop made me think about my whole process. By stepping back to look at my editing processes,  I could analyse my style and how I could do something differently to make my images stand out even more.

Taking in what Trey had to say, I edited my photo walk images differently to my usual style and here is a small gallery from the photo walk.

Of coure, there is a lot experimentation going on here and people may like some more than others. Let me know what you think. This is not to contradict myself, I like how these have turned out regardless but it is different and a general consensus helps with direction.

I really want to thank Trey Ratcliff for hosting this workshop. I got way more out of it than I anticipated. I realise that he is an artist more than a photographer and  that the photograph is the base canvas for each masterpiece. If he is in your area and offering a photowalk or workshop, I highly recommend it. You will get something out of it.

I am looking forward to making more images with this new knowledge and seeing what I make from here on out.


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