A 90th birthday is a pretty special one and the phrase “Been there, done that” seems quite appropriate for our reigning Monarch. Why not then, have an awesome fly by and Trooping the Colour ceremony on a nice summers (British summer by the way) day to celebrate.

Roads were closed, filled with thousands of party goers in colourful attire and the police were in their best uniforms aiding people in all directions. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, music was playing and Pimms and ice cream were in the park. Saturday June the 11th was a good time to be in London so I gathered my camera gear and headed in to see what I could see.

Arriving at Buckingham Palace around 11am I was greeted with thousands of people providing an electric atmosphere. I mingled with people from all over the world, sharing thoughts on the celebration and enjoying the buzz in London for the event.

When the Queen and her Family stepped out onto the balcony, she was greeted to huge cheers and the throng of visitors singing “Happy Birthday” in unison. Hats were removed as God save the Queen was sung and then everyone turned to the skies.

As the fly by went overhead fingers pointed and there were ooh’s and aahs climaxing in a huge roar from the crowd when the iconic Red Arrows flew overhead.

The noise and feeling of having the Red Arrows fly overhead on such a special day gave me a great feeling of pride, and I am sure everyone in the crowd felt something at that moment.

Fly by over Buckingham Palace
Fly by over Buckingham Palace

As the Red Arrows flew over the sky started to turn and rain was in the air, but it didnt dampen the spirits of everyone around. It was already a great day.

Happy 90th Birthday Your Majesty

Where you in London for the event ? Did you see the Fly By ? What did you think ?



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