Malta Sailing Yoga Retreat

Malta Sailing Yoga Retreat 2016

Malta, sailing, yoga retreat in August …. Hold on …. a sailing, yoga retreat, around Malta in August…

Just imagine, instead of where you find yourself right now, how would you like to be floating around Malta, learning more about yourself?  To have the sun beating down on you, the blue waves of The Mediterranean lapping at the side of your sailing vessel, as you soak up the suns rays and relax after a morning or afternoon of yoga on this boat, or in a beautiful Maltese bay on the beach.  Include good food, making new friends, exploring yourself and this beautiful island; and this sounds like the perfect retreat to me.

A Sailing, Yoga retreat around Malta …. OK! I’m in !!!

I will be joining HotYogaMalta and BASEDtraveler Bodies sailing and yoga retreat, participating and photographing, from 6th to 12th of August 2016, and I cannot wait! I am by no means a yogi, and if you know me, you may wonder why I would sign up for this.  I am not very flexible at all and yet, I honestly believe that this will be an enriching experience. I feel that this retreat will allow me a greater understanding  of my body and mind.  By utilising the benefits of meditation and yoga, in these beautiful surroundings, I will gain more insight into what I am capable of,  while making some great photographs at the same time.

Check the link below for more details:



Looks amazing, doesn’t it? There may be a space or two left and some discounts available, let me know if you are interested or visit Hot Yoga Malta or  BASEDtraveler Bodies for more information.

Most of all, tell them I sent you, for a discount.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

C’mon, its only a couple of weeks away 🙂


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