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I have never – Experienced A Yoga Sailing Retreat

I’m relatively well-travelled and I have experienced a lot. Some of these experiences have made me think twice about my decisions and has made my poor mum’s hair more white than grey. A yoga sailing retreat in Malta should be a bit easier on both of us.

I have sailed the ocean before, I have been sunburnt before and I have made friends in other parts of the world before, so embarking on this Yoga, sailing retreat, I feel that I understand what I am getting myself in for. However, I am excited to say that there will be some “I have never’s” being ticked off over the week too:

  • I have never been to Malta. The weather app on my iPhone tells me that it is hot and sunny. Sailing around an island at 31° is definitely something I am looking forward too, compared to the 21° average I am currently experiencing in London. I am also keen to explore this historic environment and to capture the islands beauty. Such a colourful island is the perfect backdrop for this retreat.
  • I have never considered yoga as my own specific exercise. Sure, I have tried it a couple of times, but I am more into the rush of skiing and cycling. I want to experiment with yoga, slow myself down, increase my core strength, and also see how my body, mind and soul can benefit. I also hope to stretch my body out, carrying photography gear all the time, does take its toll on my body.
  • I have never meditated. I find it very difficult to switch off. My mind is always racing. I am determined to learn more about how I can benefit from slowing my body down in this environment. This includes taking moments away from social media too. My theory is, that I will be able to capture the calm that is derived from a sailing, yoga retreat and the fun that everyone is having, alongside some beautiful landscape images showcasing the retreat in all its glory.
  • I have never SUP’d (Stand Up Paddle boarding). I have seen it multiple times in the lakes and rivers of Canada and always wanted to have a go, but not had the opportunity. It looks so easy and graceful. I can’t help but feel that it’s not as easy as I anticipate and I am going to get very wet while not being graceful at all.

On Saturday 6th August, I fly to Malta to join BASEDtravelerBODIES and HotYogaMalta for their Yoga sailing retreat. This means seven days of sailing, experiencing different types of yoga, in vibrant parts of Malta, Gozo and Comino; SUP (Emily from BASEDtravelerBODIES will be showing me how to not fall in the water), meditation and of course, photography. This looks to be an amazing experience.

The retreat is outlined below:


Emily and Ritianne, the retreat organisers and instructors, have planned quite the trip, supplying lots of information and regular communication, including travel and history guides. They have supplied a packing list and been diligent with dietary requirements too. For example, I don’t eat cheese, and said this on the information form they asked me to submit before the retreat. They were keen to know why, not being nosey, but so that they can meet my exact dietary requirements for the week.

I am excited to say that there is one more “I have never” to be ticked off my list. I have never hosted a photography workshop in Malta.

A Malta Photography Workshop

Emily, Ritianne and I discussed the opportunity to host a photography workshop during the retreat and felt that this would be an additional benefit to those on board. My workshops are more about how people think about their photography, and so suitable for any type of camera. All that is required is some enthusiasm to learn.

This will be quite the week, so now I am sat listening to Maltese mixes on YouTube and researching images.

Have you ever been to Malta? Do you have any suggestions or images that you would like to see in particular? Share your ideas with me! We may use them at our photography workshop.



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  1. How did the SUP go?

    You get seasick on the sailboat?

    1. It was so much fun, I highly recommend it !!! Have you done it ? It is a great work out. I was surprised with how balanced I was.

      I only felt sick once, the waves were pretty big and I was working on my laptop … Heading back on deck and I was fine. I’m sitting at home now and the world is still rocking though haha

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