Sitting at the laptop, working on images with the sun beating through the windows, it doesn’t hurt to take a break. Fresh air and sunshine is always welcome, so I grabbed my camera and set myself a fifteen-minute challenge.

I would walk from my house for fifteen minutes, find some inspiration, hopefully make some images and then walk home again. It did not matter how long I spent making  these images, as I was only fifteen minutes from home.

Having grown up in Brentwood, Essex, it does not feel like the most inspiring or exotic location that conjures up an idyllic scene that screams to be photographed. This fifteen-minute challenge would force me to look further into my immediate surroundings and see if I could find something to make an image of. It turns out there is quite a lot, just outside my front door.

As I left my house, I was wondering about the local architecture, parkland and if there was a local garden with blooming flowers. I live in a place that is pretty flat and so there were no hills or viewpoints that were accessible in fifteen minutes.  I remembered a green space that I used to play in as a kid that did have bluebells in the small forest and it was accessible in ten minutes. I wondered if there would still be bluebells there, as now is the best time of the year to see them. I knew where I would head.

An hour and a half into my fifteen-minute walk (That is typical for me), I had made several images that I wanted to share, and all only fifteen minutes from my home.

I will continue with these fifteen-minute challenges and explore my immediate area in more detail. I am keen to see what I will find.

What do you see fifteen minutes from your house? It might not even take that long, or you may need a little longer, but exploring your immediate area with your camera may bring some surprises:)


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