Yoga and Sailing retreat

Exhilarating Sailing and Calming Exploration of Mind, Body and Soul – A Yoga and Sailing Retreat with BASEDtravelerBodies and HotYogaMalta


A week fulfilling my curiosities and photographing them motivates me. Yoga and sailing are activities that I am unfamiliar with and so I am keen to develop a further understanding. With the Mediterranean climate, light blue skies and deep blue seas, Malta is a great environment for sailing. Complement this with shorelines that offer interesting and idyllic locations for yoga, makes BASEDtravelerBodies and HotYogaMalta Yoga and Sailing retreat a very inviting trip indeed.

I am excited to be perched on the edge of a fifty-foot sailing yacht as the wind fills the sails. I am eager to sit on the edge of a tiny dingy, as it slowly motors over the clear Mediterranean waters towards the shore; to explore the Maltese coastline, to visit a historic temple or sample local cuisine. I am keen to be snorkelling these clear waters, trying to find Nemo. I am thrilled to have my camera in hand and curious to have my yoga mat positioned in an amazing location, stretching out my body and mind as I develop an understanding of this environment, yoga and the benefits it can bring.

With the help of our very knowledgeable (and often hilarious) Skipper, and the weather, the BASEDtravelerBodies and HotYogaMalta Yoga and Sailing retreat  is an experience that will allow us to explore the charming islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino, our minds and our bodies.

We stay

Yoga and Sailing retreat
Leading Lady, our 50 ft home for the week on this retreat.

We sail

Yoga and Sailing retreat
Captain Nikolay from Malta Charters preparing the main sail for our high-speed challenges. If you need a Skipper, he is your guy.

We explore Malta, Gozo and Comino

Yoga and Sailing retreat
Beautiful colours in the Kalkara marina on our walk to dinner
Yoga and Sailing retreat
Experiencing Hagar Qim & Mnajdra Temples in Malta. This is where the attendees are to their inner Goddess
Yoga and Sailing retreat
Gozo Citadella is a historic citadel in Gozo, an area that has been inhabited since the Bronze Age. We took time to admire the architecture and purchase some trinkets for friends and family back home.
Yoga and Sailing retreat
We also took time to visit the Azure Window and some caves. Yes, there is a guy peering over the edge at the top,  and he did jump off. He was OK, but others have not been so successful. Some people clapped and cheered while others shared disapproval.

We experience beautiful sunrises and sunsets

Yoga and Sailing retreat
Sunrise at Elephant Rock, I wonder where it got its name …
Yoga and Sailing retreat
A stunning Maltese Sunset. This is the Maltese flag, for those wondering.

We get wet

Yoga and Sailing retreat
I hope to not see much of the underside of the SUP,  it is so much fun and a great core workout. Thank you to SUP Yoga and Fitness Malta for the boards and Emily for the instructions.

Of course, we practice yoga in amazing locations. 

Yoga and Sailing retreat
Yoga at Hagar Qim & Mnajdra Temples.
Yoga and Sailing retreat
Emily leading sunset yoga at Crystal Lagoon
Yoga and Sailing retreat
Yoga at Gebel Tal Halfa. These salt drains are the perfect setting for our yoga session. Legend has it that a Romeo and Juliet style story happened here, with a young couple with forbidden love, jumping to their deaths to be together forever.
Yoga and Sailing retreat
Ritianne of HotYogaMalta leading a morning Yoga at Crystal Lagoon
Yoga and Sailing retreat
Yoga crosses at Ta’ Pinu

Most importantly, we have a good time! 

Yoga and Sailing retreat
“C’mon C’mon turn the radio on….” Obligatory dancing on the boat


So far, I ache but feel great. I am not used to participating in yoga and my body is not used to the positions that it finds itself in. Watching the participants of this retreat, I can see the benefits. There is a lot of inner strength as well as physical strength. Emily and Ritianne, the instructors, are tiny and yet so strong. I can see how these practices are transferable to other sports and physical activities. I see it being very beneficial to me as a photographer, carrying equipment everywhere and in keeping still for the slower shutter moments. I feel my back stretching out and my mind clearing. I am keen to develop a further understanding and see where this leads.


Yoga and Sailing retreat
Yoga at Gneja Bay, this is a nudist beach, but our clothes stayed on. The mat awaits you

Have you been on a Yoga retreat? Have any recommendations for me to develop my yoga skills further that I can pair with what I learn on the trip?



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