5 tips to photograph a Geyser

Whoosh.  The sound is immense, the boiling hot water shoots over 20 metres into the sky from a hole in the ground; and comes crashing down on the rocks before me.  We are treated to a visual delight. Huge amounts of steam form as the hot water hits the cold atmosphere. On our recent trip to Iceland, […]

Behind an Icelandic Curtain

The roar is deafening. The power is immense and the feeling is awesome. After climbing the old metal stairs and navigating a rocky path, you huddle against the wall of rocks behind you. Following the wet, muddy trail, covered in water spray, you navigate behind the falls. The cascading water is creating a huge curtain […]

10 tips for a photography trip in Iceland

10 tips for a 6 night photography trip in Iceland

Only a couple of hours in Portsmouth. Oh and some Hashtags: #explorewithpaul #paulkporterphotography #vincentandpaulexplore

Wednesday June 3rd, I catch up with my friend, photography workshop partner and fellow travel photographer and writer, Vincent Croos (www.croos.ca) as we head off to explore Iceland. I have rented a camper van and we have a basic idea of what we want to see and where we want to go.  Of course, my […]